Our Portfolios


Our Portfolios

At OTM Capital, we emphasise personal accountability. We believe in managing our clients’ funds with utmost care, and to ensure that our fund managers act responsibly. You can thus rely on vigilance and driving commitment to enlarging your returns over time. Our portfolios provide investors with access to money markets, emphasising on index. We aim for a total annualised return in excess of the benchmark over any 2-year rolling period, while preserving capital with a maximum drawdown of 5 – 10% of the capital.

At OTM Capital, you will be regularly updated on your investment progress. Each portfolio has verified track records with Myfxbook from regulated brokers.

Top Performing Portfolios

OTM Mixed Portfolio

OTM Mixed is an algorithmic trading portfolio that is based on multiple strategies. The core of OTM Mixed is an intraday trend following trading system designed for superior performance and the lowest possible drawdown over a long time horizon. It takes medium-term directional views based on various macroeconomic indicators and economic developments. This strategy aims to catch larger market trends at its earliest possible stage.

OTM Mixed is a medium frequency trading portfolio that based primarily on volatility breakout strategies across different currencies. It opens several operations in the same direction of the trend. It is ready to work in both directions in case of sudden change in the trend with reversal strategies. The algos takes advantage of exaggerated market movements and buys when the market is oversold and vice versa. It uses high leverage and profits from the very tight interbank spreads.

OTM HFT Portfolio

OTM HFT is a semi automated grid system that uses a complex blend of proprietary indicators to identify key levels of supply and demand in the market. It uses multiple orders, often in opposing directions at once in order to capitalise on fluctuations in price and it’s incredibly accurate at identifying short-term trends. The directional views are based on a continuous macro, political and flow analysis, combined with technical forecasting tools.

Risk management is paramount with this strategy, which is managed through the use of a large basket of small trades of identical size that are almost always managed to a profitable conclusion. As a result, the strategy can absorb significant moves against the initial position(s) relative to the average days range. The goal is to always exit the basket profitably or at break even, with some trades now and again ending in a loss. This particular methodology has been vigorously tested and proven on a live verified account.